NEWS......... See our article on the marble bengal in December's "cat world"


The marble pattern is unlike any other pattern you will see on domestic cats, with it's horizontal flowing mixture of swirls and rosettes it resembles the look of the clouded leopard and the rare king cheetah. We have concentrated on the Marble pattern since we first started breeding the bengal's and have produced many stunning examples over the years that have been show winners and have gone on to further the breed. Coming right up to date with our girls Corsican Igloo lulu, Corsican Frost Faery,Corsican zanzibar, Corsican Eskimonell, Corsican Georgies Girl, Corsican Trinity and Corsican Berrick our stunning young stud.

King Cheetah
Clouded Leopard
The dorsal stripe of the king cheetah are also found in the Marble pattern