A Brief History & Leopard Cats

Jean Mills of the Millwood prefix founded the Bengal in the USA in 1980 after an initial attempt in the 60's. She acquired several of Dr Centerwall's hybrid F1's (ALC x Domestic) from Lorna Lynda University, where he was researching the feline leukaemia virus that the ALC is less susceptible to. These spotted F1 kittens were the result of the union between the ALC and domestic tabbies, once these F1's had donated blood samples for this research they became the foundation of Jeans new breed 'The Bengal'. Susiquent matings to domestics in order to prevent inbreeding produced F2 hybrids and so forth until four generations on from their wild ancestors they became called Bengals. Resembling the stunning looks of their wild ancestor while combining an unique loving, lively intelligent personality that makes them the superb fun loving family pet we have today, a little leopard for your living room.

Asian leopard cats