We are a foundation breeder of the Bengals cat in the UK, along with my partner (a veterinary surgeon) we have been involved with the development of these stunning cats since 1992 having previously bred pedigree cats since 1984. We have been directly involved with the formation of the standard of points and the early exhibition of Bengals which has led to their recognition and popularity here in the UK. We have concentrated on the wild look; the long body, small head and stunning soft pelts of the Bengals wild ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). We have 6+ generations of our own breeding in our pedigrees. Intelligent and fun loving they make superb family pets. A little leopard for your living room.

Siamese and Oriental

We also breed Siamese and Orientals in most colours including; the red series, apricot, spotted, tabby, bi-colour and Scychellois. These beautiful and graceful cats have a loving and intelligent nature, are loyal and stunning to look at, they make a wonderful companion and pet.